Angela Hill started the night off with a dominant display of striking skills as she battered her opponent Emily Kagan for 15 minutes. Kagan’s force was really wearing it at the end of the fight, especially her right eye which was busted open from an early onslaught of strikes in the first round. Ultimately, Kagan was unable to control the fight from the clinch which was where she needed to get it. Hill dished out a constant stream of volume and damaging blows on the feet to keep Kagan on the outside.

Hill started the contest out defending a clinch attempt from Kagan, and from there it was clear that Kagan was going to be forced to stand with Hill. Angela Hill didn’t really have any need to get the fight to the ground because of all her success, which started early on in the first round with her kicking game. After dropping Kagan in the first round, she was able to jump on her with brutal knees. The second round and third round was more of the same as Kagan was unable to establish control and was forced to eat Kagan’s blows, especially her punishing knee attacks, for the entire duration of the bout.

Heading into this bout I knew Hill was going to have the advantage in the strength department, and I thought she would use this to dominate Kagan from the top position. However, she used her strength to avoid takedowns and avoid Kagan’s attempts to tie her up. Hill then showcased the much cleaner striking techniques and Muay Thai skills as she was able to throw punishing combinations throughout the entire bout. Dominating win for Angela Hill, a great start to what should be a promising night of fights.