Felice Herrig showcased her grappling skills as she and Lisa Ellis exchanged takedowns, submission attempts, and reversals for almost two rounds before Herrig eventually was able to catch her opponent in a tight armbar. Herrig was the heavy favorite coming in, but Ellis made her presence known with an early high-elbow guillotine attempt that looked like it would have tapped lesser fighters. Nevertheless, little striking was done, and instead we witnessed a really exciting grappling contest between Herrig and Ellis.

It was Herrig’s strength in the end that not only helped her escape from some dangerous positions, but also helped her stay in position. Even though Ellis was able to land some good trips, Herrig reversed on top. But she didn’t just stop there, Herrig continued to look for submissions and eventually got it. Herrig found herself reversing Ellis, getting on top, and eventually taking the back. After riding the back mount for a moment, Herrig saw the opportunity to go for the arm and she did.

This was really an exciting, fast-paced grappling match. Even though Ellis was able to threaten early with a near-ending guillotine and also landed some good takedowns throughout, Felice Herrig was able to overpower her opponent, get out of some precarious positions, and eventually get the tap out in the second round. Exciting debut for Felice Herrig!