Jessica Penne and Randa Markos both put forth their best techniques for 15 minutes in their action-packed showdown. Penne took control of the action early using her size advantage to toss Markos to the mat; some where along the way also opening up a cut on the right eye of her opponent. Even though it was Penne who dominated the top positioning, Randa proved difficult to control as she countered with sweeps and even found herself on top several times throughout the bout.

Perhaps Markos’ best moments were on the feet in the third round where her hands appeared to be a little more fluid, and she was more likely to string combinations together as opposed to Penne who stuck with one or two punches at a time. With that said, it was Penne who controlled the center of the Octagon with her reach and didn’t let Markos get off with anything too significant despite some solid uppercuts in the third round. In conclusion, it was Penne’s superior grappling skills that allowed to her to stay ahead in the scorecards.

This was a very entertaining bout that featured a little bit of everything. Some solid punching combinations by Markos, powerful takedowns by Penne, and great reversals mixed with submission attempts on both sides. In the end though though it was definitely Penne’s size and strength that shined through in this bout. Penne is a woman to look out for.