It’s been a little while now since the UFC announced it’s signed Phil “CM Punk” Brooks to a contract, and discussion whether the pro-wrestler even belongs in the Octagon continues.

Several fighters have made it clear they’re not on board with it, and certainly many hardcore fans seem to agree. On the other hand, there’s a lot of people who are excited to how the former WWE star does in the cage, whether they want Brooks to administer a beating or take one.

In Dana White’s latest “Download” report for, here is what the promotion’s president had to say about the reaction the Punk signing’s received.

“The feedback has been both – it’s mixed. Some people love it, some people hate it,” White said. “The people who are opposed to it and bitching about it, I get it. Every fight that we do isn’t going to be everybody’s thing, but there will be people who want to watch him and those that don’t.”

Let’s face it. Even if you think the signing is a disgrace for MMA, chances are it’s going to be a cash cow for the UFC. That doesn’t make it the right move, necessarily, but it is, what it is. Just look how many mainstream outlets have been covering the signing, and further, interviewing Brooks since the deal was made official.

So, is White going to come right out and say the deal was mostly all bout the dough? No. No he’s not. White did relay the following, however, about what Brooks told him, in terms of his desire to fight.

“He and I have become friends and he told me, ‘I’ve achieved some cool things in my life and I want to try the UFC. It’s not like I’m young enough to fight my way up in the smaller leagues. I’d like to come in and give it a shot and see what I got,’” White said.

CM Punk hasn’t picked a camp yet, or a weight class, although he believes he’ll likely wind up fighting at 185. Based off what Brooks has said in recent interviews, he won’t be making his UFC debut until next fall, or possibly the end of 2015.