No UFC event can be complete without the chance of some extreme upsets; in terms of UFC Fight Night 58: Machida vs. Dollaway, there are some huge odds heading into the card that you’re going to want to bet against. MMA is by far the most unpredictable sport out there which means odds are essentially pointless because every fighter is just one good punch away from being out cold no matter how big of a favorite they were. Here the underdogs that I believe have the best chance of sparking the upset tonight:

Antonio Carlos Jr. over Patrick Cummins

Even though Carlos Jr. is just a slight underdog against Cummins, he is still picked not to win. Against a talented wrestler like Cummins who is ever-evolving his skills, Carlos Jr. might be spending the whole 15-minute fight on his back, unable to get up. This definitely wouldn’t surprise me, but Carlos Jr. is the knockout machine that can change all that. Carlos Jr. was knocking out heavyweights earlier in his career, now that he’s at 205 look for him to be more-than capable of taking Cummins out in the first round, especially if he can stuff the first couple takedowns and let Cummins know that he’s in for a dog fight.

Mike Rhodes over Erick Silva

At first glance you might think I’m crazy to potentially pick someone that isn’t a top 10 fighter to win against Erick Silva, but let’s face it: Silva has not developed into the champion-caliber fighter that many of us saw him being years ago when he first burst onto the scene. He’s a little too reckless, his cardio isn’t that good, and he seems to be more set on entertaining the fans than making sure he gets the win, but that’s okay to me. His opponent, Mike Rhodes, is a heavily underrated fighter. Yes, I know he is 0-2 in the UFC, but those were because he was tossed to the wolves and put up against guys that he stylistically was doomed against. Rhodes is a slick striker who likes to target the body, and  very athletic, durable fighter who could totally exploit Silva’s reckless first-round assault. If he can weather the storm, then it should be the Rhodes Show.

CB Dollaway over Lyoto Machida

The main event and co-main event both feature match-ups that are basically predestined to get the Brazilian crowd on their feet and leaving the auditorium feeling victorious, but this might not be the case. I know we all hate CB Dollaway and aren’t a fan of his fighting skills, but the guy has really put it together. The thing that makes me believe CB has a decent chance in this fight is intelligence. Dollaway is a very smart fighter who always comes into fights with solid game planning. A lot of people think he’s a one-dimensional wrestler, but this isn’t true; he is actually pretty solid on the feet. I think if Dollaway can lull Machida onto a stalemate on the feet like Phil Davis did, and then use his takedowns to steal rounds, we could see one of the biggest upsets of the year.