Action started off with a bang in Berueri, Brazil as the hometown favorite, Vitor Miranda, finished the American, Jake Collier, at the bell with a head kick and a series of punches.

Throughout nearly the entire first round it was Collier who controlled the action with his takedowns and top pressure. Even when Miranda was able to get back up to his feet, Collier showcased his strong wrestling skills by taking him back down. Even though Collier was unable to do much damage from the top, he stayed active in pursuit of dominant positions. A d’arce attempt was even there for American, but Miranda stayed tough and fought through it, eventually taking the action back to the feet.

With seconds ticking down, the Brazilian fired off a low kick and then a head kick off the same leg that cracked Collier as cleanly as you can get. A series of punches afterwards put Collier down, and the ref stepped in right at the bell to give Vitor Miranda the TKO victory. Great way to start off what should be a great night of fights.