In what was a very important bout for the featherweight division, both men went through a grueling fifteen-minute battle which featured lots of wrestling, scrambling, and battles for position, but it was the Brazilian, Hacran Dias, that did the most to earn the decision verdict. Darren Elkins, known for his non-stop pressure and shear volume of offense, tried to put a fast pace on Hacran Dias early, but the Nova Uniao prospect fought at his own pace and kept Elkins at bay with powerful punches. Darren Elkins was also unable to use his wrestling like he wanted, as Hacran Dias’s strength and own wrestling skills allowed him to take Elkins down pretty much at will.

Elkins, although he was game and consistently fought to get back up to his feet, was just ultimately overwhelmed by the athletic grappling and control of Hacran Dias. The power difference between the two was also very apparent on the feet as Dias’ strikes landed with way more force. In the end, Darren Elkins was just totally suppressed and unable to impose his will against what could be a potential contender in Hacran Dias.

Coming into this fight, it was known that both guys were solid wrestlers, but Hacran Dias really sent a message in this bout as he not only landed his own takedowns at will, but also showcased great defense as he thwarted nearly all of Elkins’ attempts. This is a big win for Hacran Dias, and it’s another notch in the win column for the Nova Uniao fighter who continues to impress.