If you don’t know the name Rashid Magomedov, you definitely should. The talented lightweight striker stepped into hostile territory against Elias Silverio in what was a brilliant display of technical striking between both parties. Magomedov and Silverio were both putting their unbeaten streaks on the line, but it was Magomedov that emerged victorious after a 14-minute striking contest.

Throughout the whole encounter, Rashid Magomedov used his quick movement to sneak in and out of Elias’s range. Magomedov battered Silverio’s body and arms with quick kicks and counter-punched effectively to outpoint Elias Silverio every step of the way. Silverio stayed game though, landing his own fair share of kicks and even rocking Magomedov with a counter left hook in the second, but ultimately Magomedov was just on another level in terms of striking technique, timing, and patience.

Coming into this fight, it was Silverio that was going to have the advantage on the floor with his submission skills, but he could never find the right opportunity to get the fight there. Magomedov scored the only takedown at the end of the first round, and stuffed Silverio’s only attempt.

Just when it looked like Magomedov was on his way to winning a competitive decision, he blasted Silverio with a lead left hook off a Silverio kick that put the Brazilian on the mat. From there, the Dagestan native methodically picked his punches and forced the referee to step in and save Elias Silverio from further punishment.

Huge win for Rashid Magomedov who is another exciting, and ultra-talented fighter to come from Dagestan, Russia. What Magomedov brings on the feet is something that I think could give a lot of lightweight fighters troubles; the technical combinations, the timing, the footwork, and most importantly the methodical patience.