Stepping into hostile territory against the committed fight-finisher Antonio Carlos Jr., a lot of people were questioning the legitimacy of Patrick Cummins and whether or not he had what it takes to be a top fighter in the 205 weight class. While Carlos Jr. isn’t necessarily the type of experienced opponent that could answer those questions, Cummins put on a performance that further backs up the hype that we’ve heard about him.

The game plan was simple for Cummins: use his wrestling to take Carlos Jr. down, avoid submissions, and beat him up for the win. This is exactly what he did. Cummins took Carlos Jr. down at will, but had to work hard to stay out of trouble. Carlos Jr. wrapped up his leg and threatened with a kneebar in the first and third rounds, but Cummins stayed patient and methodically worked his way out of trouble. This showed Cummins ever-developing MMA game that is now starting to come full circle.

The rest of the fight would show more of the same as Cummins continued to take Carlos Jr. down by ducking underneath the Brazilian’s over-committed punches. From the top position, Cummins offered up strong hip pressure, avoided being tied up in the guard, and smashed his opponent with punches and elbows for fifteen minutes. Big win for Cummins who had to step into hostile territory to get it.