CB Dollaway’s plans to leap up the middleweight ranks were derailed at UFC Fight Night 58, thanks to a liver kick from Lyoto Machida, which prompted a communal cringe throughout the MMA world.

Machida landed the brutal blow approximately 60 seconds into the bout, and as Dollaway crumpled into the cage, he offered little resistance to a follow up swarm of punches. The fight was brought to a halt at the 1:02 mark.

Well, speaking to the press after the defeat, here is some of what Dollaway had to say about the fight ending shot (quote via MMA Fighting.com):

“I thought it was going to go to my head and he slipped it under my elbow,” Dollaway said. “I thought I had it covered and took a step back, tried to take a breath and was basically paralyzed. It’s a disappointing loss.”

And did Mr. Machida have to say about the nasty technique?

“I train this type of kick a lot, and I felt it was the right moment to throw it and I was happy enough to connect,” Machida said. “C.B. is a tough guy and I wasn’t expecting to end this so quickly, but that’s how things are in this division. When the kick connects hard, it might be it.”

Yes. Clearly “it might be it.” Now, due to the severity of the kick, and how much pain Dollaway was in, there were concerns that he may broken some ribs. In a follow up report from MMA Fighting.com, the Brazilian commission’s medical director informed the outlet that Dollaway likely didn’t suffer any fractures, but that the middleweight needs to have follow x-rays to confirm that (before he can train again).

So, clearly things didn’t go according to plan for Dollaway, but considering the abilities and resume of Machida, a loss to “The Dragon” isn’t anything to hang your head about for too long. It will be interesting to see how Dollaway looks in his next bout, and who the UFC matches him up against.

Prior to Saturday’s event, Dollaway was ranked #10 at 185, and it remains to be seen if he’ll hold that position once they’re updated this week.

As for Machida, there are some clear, big signs that the vet will likely throw down with Luke Rockhold next.