Hector Lombard scored a one sided win over Jake Shields in May, and is the UFC’s sixth ranked, welterweight, but clearly the punishing fighter isn’t too happy with how things are going.

If you recall, Lombard was hoping to fight on the UFC’s recent, Australian card, and that didn’t happen. He also called for a bout with fellow contender Tyron Woodley, but his ATT teammate said he wouldn’t fight Lombard unless it was for the title.

Now, Lombard is booked to fight Josh Burkman at UFC 182 on January 3rd. Burkman is coming off an impressive run in World Series of Fighting, and is a tough guy, but the UFC vet isn’t ranked in the top 15. So what’s Lombard’s take on all this? While speaking to MMA Fighting.com recently the decorated Judoka stated:

“I’m not very happy, but what can I do?” Lombard said.

“Hopefully 2015 brings me a better year and I can be happy again,” Lombard relayed. “Hopefully good things are coming my way and I can be positive.”

One would think that Lombard is destined for a big fight if he takes out Burkman, but a lot of people were saying that when he defeated Shields as well. The latter was coming off victories over contenders in Demian Maia and Woodley, and was also a top ranked 170’er at the time.

Since Lombard is one of the division’s most explosive fighters, and has a ridiculous gift for rendering foes unconscious, the theory’s been floated that some aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to face him. When Lombard was asked about why it’s been so difficult to find him opponents, he reportedly argued it’s because he’s “the most hated guy in the UFC.”

Huh. One would think that would make it easier to find fights, but perhaps in Lombard’s case, it doesn’t work that way.

At any rate, Lombard-Burkman should be a great fight, as the latter is an aggressive, well rounded fighter, who has improved a lot since his first stint with the UFC.

UFC 182 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will feature light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones taking on Daniel Cormier.