The rumour mill regarding Brock Lesnar continues to work day in, and day out, despite the fact the former UFC champ hasn’t even said he’s interested in fighting again…

For sometime now, there’s been rampant speculation as to whether the pro-wrestler might  return to the UFC. All the buzz has kicked up recently, since it’s believed Lesnar’s WWE contract ends early into 2015.

Well, according to a report from MMA and pro-wrestling insider, Dave Meltzer, sources have told him that members of the WWE brass believe Lesnar plans to return to the UFC.  According to Mixed Martial, Meltzer is reporting the news in his Wrestling Observer publication, which is available via subscription.

Lesnar apparently showed up lighter for a recent WWE appearance, and this was viewed as further evidence within the company that Lesnar is planning a UFC comeback.

Whether Lesnar’s weigh signals a return to MMA or not, this is interesting news, considering that it comes from within the WWE and not the MMA world. One has to wonder if perhaps the sources use the term “UFC” interchangeably with “MMA”, like many folks do, unfortunately, or if Lesnar has hinted he intends to go back to the ZUFFA owned promotion.

Recently Bellator’s Scott Coker relayed publicly that the promotion has reached out to the former UFC champ, and he has also said the company plans to bid for any big free agent fighters, like Lesnar.

The 37 year-old Lesnar hasn’t fought since 2011, when he was quickly taken out by Alistair Overeem at UFC 141. Following the loss the accomplished wrestler said he was done fighting, and cited his well documented battle with diverticulitis as a significant reason.

More recently, however, there have been reports that Lesnar has fully recovered from the illness and is completely healthy. Earlier this year WWE play-by-play man Jim Ross said Lesnar may even be stronger than ever and that he believed the explosive heavyweight could fight again.

So, it remains to be seen if any of this comes to pass, but if Lesnar is thinking about fighting again, chances are both the UFC and Bellator will throw a truckload of money at him. Lesnar was a driving force in some of the UFC’s biggest cards ever.