By now, nearly every MMA fan on the planet has seen the footage of Jon Jones threatening to “kill” Daniel Cormier, and the light-heavyweight champ apparently is relieved by that fact…

Yes, as you almost certainly know, Jones made the infamous threat a few months ago, after Cormier threatened to spit in his face after they completed an interview. The rivals thought the cameras and mics were off, but they weren’t, and the footage has been used to promote their bout this Saturday at UFC 182.

Jones recently participated in a media call to promote this weekend’s card, and during it, he offered this take on the headline grabbing incident (quote via MMA

“For that hot mic to come out and for people to see that side of me, it was kind of a relief,” Jones said. “Because it’s like, you know what? I am a Christian and I do try to carry my image in a certain light, because I think it’s important for the people I inspire and for endorsements. But at the same time, this is who I am. I will swear. I will tell a guy who told me he would spit in my face that I would kill him. I would call him the names I called him. It was a bad hit in a way, but also relieving that people could see, ‘Whoa, Jones has a little ratchetness in him.’ They finally got to see that.”

Yes. They most certainly did. Of course, the threat didn’t go over so well with some folks, particularly those who have questioned the authenticity of Jones in the past. Well, during the call, Jones went on to say he’s not concerned with fans that call him fake, and that:

“I’m not here to win you over [with] my personality. I’m here to fight. That’s ultimately my job.”

We shall see whether Jones is successful at his “job” soon enough, when he throws down with the highly regarded, “DC”.

UFC 182 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.