In a hard-fought welterweight tilt, Omari Ahkmedov used his powerful takedowns to edge out a 29-28 unanimous decision victory over Mats Nilsson. Both fighters started out guns blazing as Nilsson did his best to push a furious pace while Ahkmedov used his powerful punches to keep Nilsson at bay. Despite both fighters being talented grapplers, neither really got to do much grappling in the first half of the fight. It was mostly Ahkmedov’s power punching style against Mats Nilsson’s tighter boxing skills.

Nilsson displayed great defense as he took most of Ahkmedov’s punches on his arms and avoided the Russian’s heavy power; this defensive approach would give Nilsson a huge edge as the fight dragged on as Omari tired out rather quickly. Omari seemed to stay one-step ahead on the scorecards however as he used his powerful takedowns to steal the first and second rounds from Nilsson, but the Swede finally found his chance to pounce on the fatigued Russian in the third round. Nilsson latched up a guillotine attempt and then later switched it to what seemed like a definite d’arce choke, but ran out of time.

In the end, it was Omari’s aggressive power punching and takedowns that gave him the unanimous nod with the judges. Nilsson did a great job tiring the muscle-packed man down and setting a fast pace, but just couldn’t mount enough offense early in the fight. Great fight that featured some good momentum changes.

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