Flyweights took the stage just before the co-main event as the Japanese flyweight prospect Kyoji Horiguchi took on the TUF 14 competitor Louis Gaudinot. Both fighters threw combinations and put their fast-paced styles on display for fifteen minutes, but in the end the Japanese striker Horiguchi took the decision verdict. Gaudinot sported a little more traditional style while Horiguchi struck up a wide base that he expertly used to zip around the Octagon, and in and out of Gaudinot’s range with crisp strikign combinations.

Even though Gaudinot was game from bell to bell, it was clear that Horiguchi just had a little more diverse arsenal than his green-haired foe, as well as having better timing. Kyoji was able to piece together punching combinations tied in with big kicks to batter Louis Gaudinot. The main thing Horiguchi did to give him the advantage on the feet was his movement; he utilized much more circular movement which put him out of range whenever Gaudinot wanted to engage while Gaudinot’s movement was much more predictable and paved the way for Horiguchi land at will.

Big win for Kyoji Horiguchi who proves yet again that he is for real. The flyweight division is in desperate need for contenders, and I think Horiguchi could put a real dent in the weight class if given the opportunity.

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