While the lightweight affair between 155 pound finisher Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Myles Jury may not have lived up to all the hype that it was made out to be, Donald Cerrone still walked away with another notch in his belt. Heavy leg kicks, forward pressure, and solid takedown defense led Cerrone to a 30-27 decision.

It appeared that Myles Jury’s gameplan coming into the fight was to take Cerrone down whenever he threw a kick, and he did this successfully in the opening moments of the fight, but Cerrone met him with an onslaught of aggressive grappling techniques. An omoplata put Jury’s shoulder in trouble early, then a rear-naked choke and an armbar threatened the undefeated lightweight towards the end of the bell. From then on, Jury looked posed to try his luck on the feet and the result was equally as devastating. Cerrone walked Jury down, chopped him down with brutal leg kicks to both legs, and put his stiff jab on him to make no question. A heavy kick to the face of Jury in the second round was by far the most noticeable strike of the bout.

Jury seemed content to circling around the outside, and never really seemed to catch an angle where he could land anything big. Cerrone wanted the finish however, and an onslaught leg kicks on the feet and on the ground nearly captured this. With that said, Jury survived and robbed an angry Cowboy of his chance at a spectacular finish.

Jury takedown, Donald omoplata. Donald takes back. Rear naked attempt, armbar attempt at bell.

Donald stuffs takedown. Being patient. Both feinting and measuring each other. Jury circling around, not able to do much.

Donald pushing forward. Big head kick by Donald, stuffs takedown. Big leg kicks. Stuffs takedown.