Recently UFC veteran Cody McKenzie announced he’s done fighting, since he “never made money”, and the outspoken fighter has blasted his former boss, Dana White, once again.

McKenzie decided to hang up the gloves following a knockout loss to Beslan Isaev, which took place at a M-1 Challenge card last month. Leading up to that fight, the “AK Kid” was critical of the UFC via Twitter, and then following his retirement, he let loose on the promotion and White.

Well, in a more recent interview with MMA, here is some of what McKenzie had to say about White:

“I would love to fight Dana White,” McKenzie said. “I’d love to beat him up. He talks bad about fighters all the time, disrespects fighters. Yeah, he’s a piece of work.”

“It’s just a joke,” McKenzie said. “I’ve heard stories about Dana tipping waitresses big money and it’s like, ‘Damn that’s more money than I get paid a year.’ That sucks.

“There’s a bunch of guys getting their heads pounded in to make them that money struggling. They don’t understand the other end of it. They don’t understand the struggle. Dana runs around running his mouth all the time about fighters.”

It will be interesting to see if any of this gets relayed to White, who chances are, won’t have anything kind to say in return…McKenzie certainly isn’t the first to criticize the UFC and White, and chances are he won’t be the last either. Of course, the UFC boss man has plenty of supporters, particularly UFC stars like Conor McGregor…

McKenzie went 3-4 during his run with the UFC, and following his UD loss to Sam Stout in December, 2013, he was let go (yes, that was the ‘the tags are still on his shorts’ bout). The guillotine master went 1-2 to close out his career, and McKenzie finished with a record of 15-6.

The Alaska born fighter also relayed in the interview that he will likely return to salmon fishing, or he may look into welding.