It didn’t take CM Punk long to start training at Roufusport, following the news he was heading to the Milwaukee gym, and so far, it sounds like things are going pretty well.

After the UFC announced it had signed the pro-wrestling star to a contract, there was widespread speculation, as to where Punk would train for his Octagon debut. Ultimately, the 36 year-old selected Roufusport, which is guided by renowned striking coach Duke Roufus, and is home to accomplished fighters like Anthony Pettis, Sergio Pettis, Ben Askren, and Dustin Ortiz, among many others.

In addition, the gym is located not far from Punk’s home in Chicago, and the aspiring fighter had said he wanted to train relatively close to his residence.

Well, both Roufus and Punk appeared on AXS TV’s “Inside MMA” recently, and the two were asked how the pro-wrestler’s training has been going. Here is what Punk, or Phil Brooks, had to say:

“I’ve just been trying to get acclimated to everybody and the team. Duke hasn’t thrown me to the wolves yet. I’m waiting for that. A lot of one on one stuff with him, and Daniel the jiu-jitsu coach, and I watch a lot. I think I stay longer than I probably should every single day. I like watching everybody spar and just watching everybody move. It’s been a very, moving and growing experience for me, but it’s been super educational and a lot of fun too.”

And what are Roufus’s early impressions of Punk? In terms of his MMA education?

“I think he’s very good.  I think what’s the most impressive about the Punk is his attitude, his hunger, his work ethic, and the guy’s a sponge.”

Punk also noted in the interview that since he began training more regularly, he’s been losing a fair amount of weight. So much so, he’s not sure if 185 will be his weight class after all. As a result, Brooks believes they probably won’t be able to commit to an opponent for another six months or so, since right now, he’s not sure what weight he’ll be fighting at.

The former WWE star also relayed that he went out and training with Rener Gracie for several weeks, prior to the UFC’s official announcement about his deal.

Now it will be interesting to see what news comes out of the Roufusport gym, once Punk starts to spar. The latter is not expected to make his UFC debt until later in 2015.