A video clip recently surfaced which shows Anderson Silva dropping a teammate with a flying knee, but the man who received the blow (and more punches), says there’s no cause for concern.

MMA Fighting.com recently caught up with Douglas Moura, who was sent to the canvas, after taking the knee from Silva. While some folks were upset and or confused by the footage, like Phil Davis and Eric Del Fierro, Moura says he’s fine.

According to the Team Nogueira fighter, he wasn’t knocked out by the knee, but rather, he was just “dizzy.”

And what about the follow up punches he appeared to be taking from Silva? Moura was quoted saying in the aforementioned report:

“They didn’t do a good job with the editing. That’s not what happened,” Moura said. “We’re fighting, it happens, but when (Silva) realized I was dizzy, he didn’t punch for real. He was just touching his hand on me, giving me time to recover. There was 2:30 minutes left in the round, and we continued training after that, but they didn’t show that on TV. It happened to me, but it also happened to him before. It’s completely normal”

So, was this much ado about nothing? Hard to say. While Moura could just be covering for his teammate, it doesn’t sound like he’s too worked up about what happened. Moura also credited Silva for being a “great person.”

The bigger story here is that in approximately two weeks time, Silva will return to action at UFC 183 to battle Nick Diaz. That fight will go down on January 31st, and will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The bout will mark the first time Silva has fought since December, 2013, when he broke his leg while facing middleweight champ, Chris Weidman.