Recently Anderson Silva and his manager both noted how Nick Diaz has been very respectful  heading into UFC 183, but chances are they won’t care for some of the recent comment’s the latter’s kickboxing coach has made.

Diaz has been fine tuning his striking game with Joe Schilling, who if you’re not a kickboxing fan, you might not be aware of. Schilling is not only one of the United States’ top kickboxers, he’s one of GLORY’s best middleweight fighters. Schilling also scored a vicious KO win over Melvin Manhoef while competing for Bellator not long ago.

Well, Schilling recently spoke with Bloody about Diaz’s camp, and the accomplished kickboxer was understandably asked to weigh-in on the latter’s upcoming fight with Diaz. Of course, Silva is widely considered to be one of the best strikers in MMA, but everyone wants to see how he looks, considering the horrific leg injury he suffered in 2013.

Leading up to UFC 183, plenty of videos have come out featuring Silva training and sparring, but apparently Schilling isn’t impressed with what he saw.

“They have all these videos coming out of Anderson in training, doing like jump knees and s–t, but I look at them and think he doesn’t look that good. He is moving like an old guy. He doesn’t have that fluidity that guys like me and Artem Levin have.”

Wow. That’s quite the comment.

Levin is GLORY’s middleweight champ, and is widely considered to be one of the planet’s best strikers, period. Schilling revealed that Levin spent some time sparring with Diaz, and noted that while the latter was getting “frustrated at times”, he’s “looking really good.”

Schilling did credit Silva for having good kickboxing for MMA, but argued that in pro kickboxing competition, the former middleweight champ would “get wasted.”

So, sure, one could argue that perhaps Schilling is a little biased or is possibly trying to mess with Silva mentally, but these are pretty interesting statements (and there were more from Schilling as well). If Diaz is in fact hanging with the likes of Schilling and Levin, and doing just fine, it will be fascinating to see how things go down on Saturday night.

UFC 183 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.