Following Anderson Silva’s return at UFC 183, and decision victory over Nick Diaz, the debate continues as to whether the time is right for the legend to call it quits. Well, according to the man who has beaten him twice, Chris Weidman, it is.

After Silva defeated Diaz on Saturday night, the former middleweight champ said he will take some time and talk with his family, before he decides whether he’ll fight again. Leading into UFC 183, UFC President Dana White said Silva could advance to another title shot, if he was victorious in his return.

Well, Weidman recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and while discussing Silva’s future, here is some of what the middleweight champ had to say (quote via MMA

“Being the champion, I know this ends up going further than I’d even want my comments to go, because my opinion, I don’t think, really matters that much and I don’t want it to weigh on him at all,” Weidman said. “But me as a fan, if I’m just a normal person, I want to see him done.

“As Chris Weidman, as me, it’s a big money fight, a third fight eventually. But I’d really just like to see him retire. I think he’s got a great family, he’s got five kids, he’s made a lot of money, he has a great legacy. He just won a fight. I wouldn’t mind seeing him retire on a ‘W’.”

Really, those comments aren’t all surprising, and even some of Silva’s biggest fans likely share Weidman’s view. While sure, there are thousands of Silva supporters who believe “The Spider” still has what it takes to win back the championship, there are plenty of folks who don’t. Not while men like Weidman hold the belt at least. So, perhaps this is a good time for the greatest of all time to call it quits on his storied career? Right before he turns 40.

Then again, everyone loves a comeback story, and if Silva elects to make another title run, the whole MMA world will be watching.

Weidman, meanwhile, is waiting to see what the UFC’s next move is, after he was forced to withdrarw from a February 28th scrap with Vitor Belfort due to a rib injury.