Now that Anderson Silva has made a successful return to the Octagon, there’s already talk of whether a super fight with Georges St-Pierre could finally happen, but the signs, so far, are not pointing to yes…

Silva completed his comeback on Saturday night at UFC 183 by scoring a unanimous decision win over Nick Diaz. Although the former middleweight champ has said he plans to discuss his future with his family, in theory, a bout with GSP does make sense.

Unlike a few years ago, neither man is a reigning champ, and therefore, there’s far less at risk from a career stand-point. In addition, the UFC wouldn’t have to put the middleweight and welterweight titles on hold for multiple months, while Silva and GSP prepared for the bout.

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Further, since Silva is about to turn 40, and St-Pierre is 33, time is quickly running out on booking the super fight.

Well, Silva’s manager Ed Soares was asked about the match-up while appearing on “The MMA Hour” recently, and not only is he interested, he believes the bout would be the “biggest” in UFC history. But, and here’s the big, big problem, St-Pierre hasn’t said he’s plans to make a comeback.

When GSP’s manager, Rodolphe Beaulieu, was recently asked about the possibility of a fight with Silva, he told MMA

“Georges is really enjoying his life right now, and has no plan of coming back.”

Now does this mean there’s no way GSP-Silva will happen? No, but there’s certainly no reason to get one’s hopes up. In addition, you have to question whether this is the type of fight that would motivate GSP to make a comeback. There’s no doubt the former champ would make a big pile of cash by fighting Silva, and it would be a fascinating addition to his legacy, but one has wonder if his focus would be winning the welterweight title again.

St-Pierre hasn’t fought now since November, 2013, when he barely defeated Johny Hendricks by split decision. After the bout, the Canadian announced he was taking a hiatus from fighting, and while he didn’t officially retire, he’s said he may not fight again.