Although Georges St-Pierre and his reps have repeatedly said no comeback was in the works, for a few days there, talk of a bout between GSP and Anderson Silva made some sense. Well, considering what’s unfolded now in the career of the latter, and what St-Pierre has been saying in more recent interviews, clearly the Canadian star isn’t headed to an Octagon near you any time soon.

Following the news that Silva has allegedly tested positive for steroids, St-Pierre has argued that fighters on PEDs are a “biological weapon”, and that the scrap between the former middleweight champ and Nick Diaz should never have happened. Then, in a more recent interview on “The MMA Hour”, St-Pierre relayed that he was aware of all the super-fight talk between himself and Silva, but that he’s busy working on other projects. Then, of course, he heard about Silva’s failed drug test.

All the Silva talk aside, St-Pierre was also asked about whether he plans to fight again, and while he didn’t say yes, the former welterweight champ did relay the following (quote via MMA

“I’m not going to lie, I’m busy with everything and I work on other projects,” said GSP. “But for sure I watch the fights sometimes and I feel the itch. And the more and more I watch the fights the more I feel the itch. I took time out of competition because I was also burned out of all the pressure and the expectations and everything. I needed to find a way out to keep my mental stability so to speak. And, yeah, I’m not going to lie. The more time that goes by the more I feel the itch…”

But, as anyone who has followed St-Pierre knows, the Canadian has said in the past that he’s extremely unhappy with the current testing procedures for PEDs in MMA. So much so, it was one of the reasons he walked away from fighting in 2013. Considering all that’s happened recently then, it’s not surprising to read that St-Pierre also said this:

“For me, the condition for me to return, if I want to return…I need my fights to be tested by an organization that is independent and competent like VADA, or I believe there is another one,” he said. “It needs to be done, otherwise I’m not coming back.”

So, there you have it. Will the 33 year-old return at some point? Athletic commission are doing more random testing these days, which is a good thing, but clearly more changes will have to be implemented before “Rush” fights again.