Yes, granted, if you’re a big MMA fan at this point you’ve likely consumed a tee-un of Conor McGregor related content, but the UFC has released a new and unique show about the Irish star.

In “UFC Rising: Conor McGregor”, retired fighter Kenny Florian sits down with the featherweight and the two go over some of his fights in the film room. Not only do they watch McGregor score wins over the likes of Diego Brando and Dustin Poirier, but they break down specific / pivotal moments in the fights.

For example, McGregor explains why at one juncture in his bout with Dustin Poirier, an uppercut, rather than a hook, would have been the “cleaner” shot.

You can watch a preview for the show below and the full episode is up on “Fight Pass”.

Up next for McGregor is champion Jose Aldo, who he’ll battle on July 11th at UFC 189.