The evidence against Anderson Silva is mounting, as according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the former middleweight champ also failed drug tests he was given on January 31st.

Not long after Silva’s decision win over Nick Diaz at UFC 183, the NSAC announced that the legendary fighter had allegedly tested positive for steroids in a pre-fight drug test. Silva denied using PEDs, and then a second test reportedly came back negative.

Well, according to multiple reports, the NSAC has relayed that Silva also tested positive for the steroid drostanolone, in a test he was given on fight day. In Silva’s pre-fight, out-of-competition test, he allegedly tested positive for  drostanolone metabolites and androstane.

The 39 year-old fighter also tested positive for Oxazepam and Temazepam on fight day, which are used to treat anxiety and insomnia respectively. Oxazepam is not banned, but its use has to be disclosed to the commission, which it was not.

It’s believed that Silva will receive a temporary suspension from the NSAC, and that the fighter will be called to appear in front of the commission next month for a disciplinary hearing.