It’s been a little quiet on the Conor McGregor front lately, what with all the PED scandals going down and UFC 184 this weekend, but Jose Aldo has made some interesting comments about his upcoming fight with “Notorious”.

As you know, McGregor locked up a fight with the featherweight champ in January, by taking out Dennis Siver. After the bout was called, McGregor jumped the cage and went straight for Aldo, who just laughed, and laughed and laughed…The are set to fight on July 11th in the UFC 189 headliner.

Now, due to all the verbal shots McGregor has sent Aldo’s way in recent months, there certainly appears to be a good sized, beef growing between the two. Although, how much of it is just for show, we don’t really know. One thing’s for certain, however, there’s already a lot of buzz tied to this fight. As it nears, the hype will continue to build, and so will the pile of money that the featherweights will make.

Thus, this is why Aldo likely had this to say about McGregor and trash talking, while speaking with Globo’s Combate recently (translation via MMA

“I starting to like this,” Aldo said. “We have to talk a little trash to sell fights, talk more, because we know we will profit more from that. It’s important. It’s great for me, for [McGregor] and the UFC that this fight happens because of the money.”

Yes, and in the wake of Chael Sonnen’s retirement, Aldo is likely paired up with the sport’s greatest trash talker now in McGregor. Now does any of this mean that Aldo believes McGregor has in fact, earned a title shot? Apparently not.

“Everybody wins. But if you talk about rankings, I don’t think he deserves because they create the rankings for that. But those rankings never meant s**t anyway, nobody f***ing follows it, so that’s great for me because of the money.”

Aldo certianly isn’t the first to argue that McGregor shouldn’t be fighting for the title so soon, but hey, there’s no denying that the featherweight fight is going to be one of the year’s biggest. It could also be one of the year’s most entertaining.

UFC 189 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.