It didn’t come without adversity, but Mexico’s Masio Fullen earned the split decision against Columbia’s Alexander Torres. Fullen, boasting a tae-kwon-do background, struggled in the first round as he was put in danger by Torres’s right hand on several occasion. Although he looked out on his feet, Fullen came back strong in the second and third rounds.

Torres, with an accomplished wrestling background, looked for the takedown later on in the fight, but Fullen’s defense was on display. After the hectic first round, Fullen was able to put together some good combinations through his forward pressure and do enough to get the nod on the judge’s scorecards.

The split decision verdict seemed a little unsettling however as Torres was unable to land his damaging right hand, or any damaging strikes for that matter, in the second and third rounds. Instead, he searched for takedowns and clinch control which he couldn’t do much with. Masio Fullen took full control and, once he got that first round past him, was able to stay ahead on points.