Since Phil “CM Punk” Brooks started training at Roufusport a couple of months ago, Duke Roufus has had plenty of praise for the former pro-wrestler, and that continues to be the case.

The Milwaukee gym’s head coach appeared on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour” this week, and when asked for an update on Brooks’ training, Roufus stated this (quotes via MMA

“…he came in with Gracie jiu-jitsu. The natural thing he’s good at, which makes me happy, is striking. He’s a natural striker. When he did a scrimmage last week, he was pretty comfortable in the fire. He didn’t freak out, he didn’t panic. That’s what I’m looking for in new fighters. It’s not necessarily skill. You can teach skill, but you can’t teach will. Are they going to run and break during a fight, or are they going to get in there and survive the fire? And that’s what I was impressed with. I think in time, all his skills are going to advance, but if he has the mindset and the will, he’s going to do great.”

Interesting. As Roufus noted, Brooks has trained off and on with jiu-jitsu wizard, Rener Gracie, and as a result, the pro-wrestling star has said he expects to be more of a grappler. But, based off Roufus’s comments here, perhaps that will change over the coming months?

All this comes not long after Roufus reported just last week that Brooks had started live sparring, for the very first time. 

While Roufus is clearly happy with Punk, it remains to be seen when the latter will make his Octagon debut. It’s believed that the aspiring fighter and the UFC want to see that happen before the year is out.

But when Roufus was asked about the subject, he stated the following:

“I would like a year, honestly,” Roufus said. “Because I want him to be the best product for himself, for the organization, and for the industry. I mean, I want him to go out there and put on a great fight and do great things…”

Since Brooks began training with Roufusport in January, don’t be surprised if his Octagon debut gets booked for late 2015, possibly November or December. Of course, things could change, as Brooks continues to train and develop.

Roufusport is also home to big names and established vets like Anthony Pettis, Sergio Pettis, Erik Koch, Dustin Ortiz and Ben Askren, among others.