Johny Hendricks appeared to have very little difficulty getting past Matt Brown at UFC 185, but after the bout, the former welterweight champ admitted he would have liked to have done better.

Although Hendricks engaged Brown standing on multiple occasions, much of his striking was used to set up his takedowns, which “The Immortal” had few answers for. As a result, Hendricks worked his way to a clear cut, unanimous decision win over Brown, and appeared to emerge from the bout relatively unscathed.

So was Hendricks happy with his performance? Which saw him largely shut down one of the promotion’s most dangerous finishers? Well, while speaking to the media afterwards, here is what Hendricks had to say (quote via MMA Junkie):

“You’d like to do a little bit better, especially with the home crowd,” Hendricks said. “But it is what it is. Matt Brown is very tough. Watch his last eight fights, nine fights. He’s a tough dude. Whenever you hit him, he just keeps coming forward. Sometimes when you’re fighting somebody like that, it’s best to find another way to win. That’s what I had to do tonight.”

Yes, there’s no question that Brown is extremely tough. And what did UFC President Dana White think of Hendricks’ win? Which marked the first time “Bigg Rigg” had fought since December, when he lost the title via split decision to Robbie Lawler? (Quote via MMA

“I’m happy for Johny. Johny has come off a rough, I guess we’ll call it a couple years. But I didn’t love the fight. Didn’t love it,”

Now it remains to be seen if Hendricks will wait to face the winner of Lawler-Rory MacDonald, which will go down on July 11th. White even theorized that Hendricks will take another fight, depending on how things “play out.” After all, if Hendricks were to wait, that could mean waiting on the sidelines for seven, eight months…Last year, Hendricks only fought twice due to bicep surgery, and the decorated wrestler opted to fight Brown last weekend as a means to stay busy.

Lawler-MacDonald II will be part of UFC 189, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.