Before Johny Hendricks gets booked to fight the winner of Robbie Lawler-Rory MacDonald II, Tyron Woodley believes he should get a crack at “Bigg Rigg” first.

Woodley is coming off a split decision win over Kelvin Gastelum in January, and as a result, he remains the UFC’s #3 ranked welterweight. Since the #1 ranked Hendricks just worked his way to a decision victory over the #5 positioned Matt Brown at UFC 185, most folks believe the former champ will be get tapped for a title shot next.

Well, Woodley recently appered on “The MMA Hour”, and the decorated wrestler made it clear he’s not done with those plans at all. At first, Woodley relayed that he wasn’t happy that Brown was scheduled to fight Hendricks in the first place, since “The Immortal” hasn’t defeated a top ten ranked welterweight. The 32 year-old believes he should have been booked to fight the #1 contender, since he’s ranked ahead of Brown.

Of course, there’s not much Woodley can do about that now, but, since Lawler-MacDonald won’t take place until July 11th, he wants to fight Hendricks in the coming months. Here is some of what Woodley had to say (quote via MMA

“In the meantime, I think Johny should fight me. We got unfinished business from the Big 12 days. I think it’s a great style match-up. Two wrestlers with heavy power, beating a lot of top 10 guys. I think that when he made his stake to get to the title, he did the same thing Rory did. They beat all these guys and they deserved the title, but they didn’t get it. He finally got his opportunity. Now it’s guys like me, who has had some bumps along the road, but I’ve came back like elastic. You saw me lose to freakin’ Jake Shields and I bounced back and I knocked out freakin’ Koscheck. I lose to Rory MacDonald. Two months later on short notice I knock out Dong Hyun Kim.

“Let’s be for real,” Woodley added. “Let’s get this going.”

Now sure, on paper, Hendricks-Woodley sounds like a great idea, and it’s a bout that a lot of fans would like to see. But, the question is, does Hendricks want to put his title shot on the line one more time, after he just did so against Brown?

Initially, the UFC planned to give Hendricks another crack at Lawler and was going to complete the trilogy. But since the newly crowned champ wanted to take some time off, after a busy 2014 campaign, Hendricks elected to fight Brown. While Hendricks didn’t blow Brown out of the cage or anything, he did score a clear cut win, in a bout that he probably didn’t have to take any ways.

All that said, it is true that by the time Lawler or MacDonald is ready to defend the welterweight belt, after UFC 189, we could be looking at November, even December. And, it’s worth noting, that UFC boss man Dana White also said he’s open to having Hendricks fight again.