kimbo-slice-ufcWelcome to’s live coverage of tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 10, which features the highly-anticipated heavyweight matchup between Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson.

Billed as “the biggest fight in Ultimate Fighter history,” the bout between the street fighter-turned-mixed martial artist Slice and the former IFL champ Nelson is expected to garner record ratings for the series and will be among the most-watched MMA fights in history.

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With his matchup against Roy Nelson decided at the end of last week’s episode, episode three opens with Kimbo reflecting on fighting. While Kimbo runs to get in shape for the bout, Nelson is at the gym training and coach Rashad Evans discusses his last of trust in others.

Evan’s teammate, Keith Jardine, shows up at the gym to help the fighters train, but the attention quickly turns to the intensifying feud between Evans and rival coach Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. While “Rampage” feels Jardine is a nice guy, Evans is convinced that Jardine hurt Rampage’s jaw in their March fight, which prompted Evans to fight Machida. James McSweeny, Evan’s top pick, defends his coach and the argument intensifies, but Evans steps in to separate the pair and cooler heads prevail.

The attention shifts back to Kimbo, with “Rampage” discussing the history of his beard and how he’s a likable guy. Kimbo trains on the ground and is able to escape from his heavyweight teammates, but Rampage is concerned that they have no way to simulate Nelson’s “big belly”.

Back at the house, Nelson’s fellow team members are confident he has the skills to beat Kimbo, saying that even if Kimbo starts to connect on the feet Roy should be able to take him down at will and control him on the ground.

Back at the gym, Kimbo and the rest of Team Rampage do conditioning drills but Marcus Jones has to stop midway through the session due to a knee injury. Jones maintains that he wants to fight next, but “Rampage” wants to give him time to allow his knee to recover.

At the house, Jones talks about his passions: comic books and gardening. Despite being one of the self-described most-boring people in the house, he and Kimbo have grown close with the pair joking that they’d be well-rounded if they could combine Kimbo’s striking with Jones’ ground game.

Kimbo and Nelson next weigh-in for their fight, with Kimbo weighing in at 230, while Nelson tips the scale at 264. Dana White says the fight could go either way, with Nelson being the more well-rounded fighter while Kimbo has the power to knock Nelson out with one punch.

At another Team Rampage training session, Kimbo spars with his partners and his teammates are all complimentary of his skills, while Nelson trains one final time with Team Rashad.

It’s fight day and Kimbo and Nelson get prepared and warm up for their fights backstage before making their way to the Octagon.

Nelson reiterates his plan to take it to the ground if he starts eating shots, while Kimbo says he’ll stick stick to his strengths.

There’s no touch of the gloves to start this fight as Nelson throws weak punches and close the distance, while Kimbo keeps his feet moving and chooses his strikes carefully before connecting with a hard leg kick. Slice moves forward and has Nelson backpedaling with his jab. Kimbo connects against the fence, but Nelson avoids major damage before looking for the takedown. Kimbo stays on his feet as Nelson presses him against the fence in the clinch. Nelson keeps up the pressure and finally scores the takedown and is immediately into mount. Kimbo does a good job neutralizing from the bottom, but Nelson passes to side control, where he pins Kimbo under his gut and tees off with short punches to the head. Slice is unable to escape, but despite warnings from the referee makes it to the end of the round. scores the round for Nelson 10-9.

Between rounds, “Rampage” warns Kimbo that Nelson won’t want to stand with him and that he’ll need to adjust to his takedowns.

Round 2 opens with tentative punching from both fighters. Kimbo connects with some big punches and Nelson immediately scores another takedown into side control. There’s little action on the ground as Nelson lays on top of Slice, but Nelson eventually creates an opening and throws weak punches to the head on Kimbo. With Slice unable to escape, the referee is forced to stop the bout.

Roy Nelson def. Kimbo Slice via TKO (strikes) — Round 2

“Rampage” says having Nelson on top of him is like having the moon on top of you and asks “How do you get the moon off you?”.

Dana White criticizes Nelson’s performance, comparing his punching power to that of his daughter, while praising Kimbo for stepping up early in the tournament and suggesting he train hard during the rest of his time in the house, because there could be an opportunity for him to re-join the competition.

It appears that it may not take long for Slice to fight again, as a preview of next week’s episode shows Marcus Jones collapsing at the house and teases Kimbo as a possible replacement.