UFC Fight Night 62 is under way in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in the main event, Demian Maia will battle fellow, welterweight contender Ryan LaFlare.

The prelim results are below, and the main card’s play-by-play follows.

Francisco Trinaldo def. Akbarh Arreola via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Kevin Souza def. Katsunori Kikuno via KO (punch) R1, 1:31

Leandro Silva def. Drew Dober via technical submission (guillotine choke) R2, 2:45

Leonardo Mafra def. Cain Carrizosa via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Christos Giagos def. Jorge de Oliveira via submission (rear-naked choke) R1, 3:12

Fredy Serrano def. Bentley Syler via KO (strike) R3, 1:34

Andre Fili vs. Godofredo Pepey

Pepey comes out winging some hard kicks. Pepey clinches up and takes Fili down, but only briefly. Wow. Pepey jumps into a triangle-choke from the standing position. It looks tight, but Fili continues to fight it. Pepey fires in an elbow. Fili isn’t tapping and Pepey may have to give it up. Nope. Pepey stays on it, pushes down Fili’s head and the latter taps. Great performance.

Godofredo Pepey def. Andre Fili via submission (triangle-choke) R1, 3:14

Gilbert Burns vs. Alex Oliveira

Burns throws a leg kick to start things off. Not much going on. Burns clinches up and trips Oliveira to the mat. Burns passes but Oliveira pops back to his feet. The latter plants an uppercut and Burns fires back with a leg kick. Oliveira staggers Burns with a right. Oliveira lands a couple more shots. “Cowboy” flurries in with some heavy punches but Burns covers up. Oliveira wings an uppercut that misses. Round ends.

Round 2: Burns comes out and misses with a straight right. The lightweight throws a kick and the they clinch up. Burns is working hard for the takedown. Few boos ring out. Burns left eye is pretty swollen. Oliveira flurries and then breaks away. Burns is having trouble finding his range. Burns eats a stiff jab. Oliveira takes a shot but comes back with several of his own. Burns is bloodied up and his left eye isn’t looking so good. They clinch up and round ends.

Round 3: Burns’ left eye is almost shut. Wow. Burns comes out and sweeps Oliveira to the mat. The BJJ champ is in full mount. Oliveira recovers half guard briefly. Burns falls back looking for an Omaplata. Oliveira is defending. Burns seems unsure of what to do next. Burns rolls but Oliveira’s out. now Burns is looking for an armbar and after a few moments, he gets it. Wow. What a comeback.

Gilbert Burns def. Alex Oliveira via submission (armbar) R3, 4:14

Shayna Baszler vs. Amanda Nunes

Nunes lands a hard leg kick. Follows up with a right. Baszler comes in but takes some hard shots, particularly a kick to the body. Baszler shoots in but can’t get it. Wow. Baszler gets cracked with another punishing leg kick and crumples to the mat. Nunes swarms in, lands several more shots and the bout’s stopped. Dominant win for Nunes.

Amanda Nunes def. Shayna Baszler via TKO (leg kick and punches) R1. 1:56

Leonardo Santos vs. Tony Martin

Santos lands an inside leg kick to get things going. Santos fires off another. Martin counters with a right hand. Martin charges in and is looking for a takedown. Santos defends at first but gets swept to the mat. Santos gets back to his feet but Martin has him pressed up against the cage. Referee “Big” John McCarthy separates them. Martin cracks Santos with a nice right hand. They clinch up again. Round ends.

Round 2: Martin throws a leg kick and then slips to the mat. The lightweight gets back up; lands another hard leg kick. Santos plants an inside leg kick and then just misses with a huge right hand. Wow. Santos sweeps Martin to the mat rather nicely. The jiu-jitsu wiz passes and Martin gives up his back. Santos is hunting for a rear-naked-choke. Martin tries to defend but Santos gets the fight ending RNC. Impressive ground work from the BJJ champ.

Leonardo Santos def. Tony Martin via submission (rear-naked-choke) R2, 2:29

Josh Koscheck vs. Erick Silva

Koscheck comes out and chucks a couple of hard rights. “Kos” looks for a takedown and then Silva returns the favor. Koscheck plants a big elbow to the head of Silva as they clinch up. Ref breaks them up. Koscheck wings another overhand right but misses. Silva plants a jab as Koscheck kicks and the latter winds up on his back. Silva is in Koscheck’s guard. Silva lands a right but Koscheck gets back to his feet. The latter throws a couple more big rights. Silva cracks Koscheck with a left that appeared to stun him. Silva punishes “Kos” with a body kick. Koscheck fires off a head kick that’s blocked. Silva pounds Koscheck with a right hook and then drops into a guillotine. Wow. Koscheck taps. Another first round win for the Brazilian.

Erick Silva def. Josh Koscheck via submission (guillotine choke) R1, 4:21

Demian Maia vs. Ryan LaFlare

Maia throws a left hand to start the headliner, but LaFlare returns fire. LaFlare sneaks in a left. Maia shoots in and gets the takedown. Nicely done. The jiu-jitsu star is looking to pass and does. LaFlare moves, re-establishes half guard. Maia lands some punches from above and passes into full mount. Wow. LaFlare is bucking up hard and gets back half guard. Nice defense from LaFlare. Maia dominated round but didn’t inflict much damage.

Round 2: LaFlare grazes with a leg kick. Maia shoots in but can’t get the takedown. He does land a left hand. Maia comes in with a double leg and this time he gets it. Maia is caught in half guard and briefly threatens with a Kimura. The Brazilian passes into full mount and lands several punches from above. Maia threatens with a side choke but LaFlare escapes. Maia lands a couple more shots and the round ends. Another dominant round for Maia.

Round 3: LaFlare is pursuing Maia but hasn’t landed anything telling. Maia lands a left. Maia changes levels but can’t get the takedown. Maia shoots in again but this time he winds up on the bottom. LaFlare’s working from inside Maia’s guard. Wow. Maia attacks LaFlare’s leg and in the scramble, winds up on top. Maia passes into full mount. The jiu-jitsu master is putting on a clinic. Maia lands a few punches from above. LaFlare briefly got out of guard but Maia works his way back into the position. Round ends.

Round 4: Maia plants a right hand and then a left. A few moments later, Maia hits another takedown. LaFlare starts threatening with a Kimura but gives it up. Maia is in half guard and then passes into mount. LaFlare doesn’t have any answers for Maia’s ground game (few do…). Maia is setting up an arm-triangle. LaFlare could be in trouble. Wow. Maia was cranking it but LaFlare defends. The latter’s showing a ton of grit but needs a stoppage.

Round 5: LaFlare comes out firing. The American lands a left. Maia shoots in but LaFlare scrambles away. The latter launches a head kick that misses. Maia attempts another takedown but can’t get it. Maia is starting to look tired. LaFlare lands a nice kick to the body. Maia shoots in and almost takes a knee to the head. LaFlare fires another body kick. Another leg kick from LaFlare. Maia shoots in but LaFlare scrambles out. The Brazilian shoots again and takes a hard knee to the body. Maia looks spent. LaFlare is on top and then steps up and out. Maia cracks LaFlare with a straight left. Maia finally gets a takedown and moves into side mount. LaFlare gets back to half guard and then sweeps Maia. Nicely down. Maia drops down to his back as LaFlare comes in and McCarthy takes one point. Wow. Round ends. Nice rally from LaFlare but too little too late.

Demian Maia def. Ryan LaFlare via unanimous decision (48-46, 48-46, 48-46)