Wanderlei Silva has been highly critical of the UFC in recent months, and now the legendary fighter has accused the promotion of running a “slavery system.”

In a recent Facebook post, the 38 year-old Silva relayed that’s he’s requested his release from the promotion, but claims that the UFC won’t grant it. The former PRIDE champ stated (translation via MMA Fighting.com):

“You know that I’ve been chased, discriminated, treated like a slave by this promotion,” Silva said. “They don’t want to release me from the contract, so I can’t work anymore, which is my right of not wanting to work for them anymore, and I can’t work anywhere else. I come here asking the UFC to release me from this slavery system. You work for them or don’t work anywhere else. Some good soul, please translate this and send to Dana. I know I will find the best lawyers to help me with that.”

Well, UFC President Dana White was asked to respond to Silva’s comments, at last night’s UFC FN 62 press conference. According to the aforementioned report, White had this to say:

“Wanderlei Silva ran form a drug test. He ran from a drug test. If he’s a slave, he’s a slave of his own doing,” White said. “He did this to himself. The UFC didn’t do anything to Wanderlei Silva. Actually, everything that’s happening to Wanderlei Silva, he brings to himself.”

Silva was banned for life by the Nevada State Athletic Commission last year, after he failed to submit to a random drug test. Shortly before he received the suspension, Silva announced he was retiring, after accusing the UFC of mistreating him and other fighters.