Although Cat Zingano’s title fight with Ronda Rousey at UFC 184 lasted only 14 seconds, the bantamweight contender says she has no regrets about the approach she took against the champ.

As you likely recall, Zingano charged at Rousey right out of the gate, but missed with a flying knee. After a quick scramble, the champ had submitted her before some people took their seats.

The well rounded fighter appeared on “The MMA Hour” recently, and when asked if she regrets taking that approach on February 28th, Zingano stated (quote via MMA

“I wouldn’t change a thing about my approach,” Zingano said. “Had it been a couple inches in the other direction, it could have gone a completely different way.”

For a split second in the bout, it looked like Zingano was going to get the top position, but Rousey didn’t let that happen. While “Alpha” says she doesn’t regret her strategy, Zingano did concede that she let her critics get to her heading into the bout.

“That was probably my biggest mistake…” Zingano said, while discussing the fact she was labelled by some as a slow starter. “I don’t think I’m a slow starter. For some reason, I let it get to me, so I was like, ‘okay, watch this.’ That kind of slapped me in the face. I was just, in retrospect its something I want to have a lot more control over and not let it get to my head.”

Zingano repeated her desire to face Rousey again, and argued that “999 times out of a 1000” the bout would not go down the way it did. While one can understand Zingano’s desire for a rematch, chances are she’ll have to win several fights before she gets another crack at the belt (assuming Rousey’s still champ).

It will be interesting to see when and who the UFC has Zingano fight next. The 9-1 fighter remains the division’s #1 contender. What about Sara McMann?