During the recent UFC 189 World Championship Tour there’s no question Jose Aldo kept things reasonably together, considering the constant barrage of verbal shots he took. Particularly the event in Dublin, Ireland, where most of the fans didn’t have very ‘friendly’ things to say about the champ.

While Aldo’s never really been known as a guy who flies off the handle, one of the reasons he likely stayed so composed, is because his translator didn’t tell him everything that was being said…

Recently, Aldo’s translator for the tour, Saul Almeida, spoke to MMA Fighting.com about the events he attended with Aldo, and some of the insults the renowned fighter had thrown his way:

“Some things I didn’t translate to him, I didn’t pass it down,” Almeida revealed. “I told him the important stuff. When somebody is yelling, ‘Hey Aldo, I got something for you…you’re a b*tch, you’re a p*ssy,’ I’m not going to turn to him and tell him that. That’s the greatest featherweight of all time. You can’t be disrespectful like that. He doesn’t know what they’re saying, so I just don’t pass it down. He would tell me what he wanted to get across, what he wanted to say and I would. That’s it.”

Yup. If you’re a big Aldo fan, then chances are your blood pressure sky rocketed more than a few times during the tour, whether it was from Conor McGregor’s antics or insults from fans. Of course, to be fair, McGregor likely incurred plenty of trash talk along the way as well.

Almeida is also a fighter (with a 17-5 record–not too shabby), and it turns out he’s going to help Aldo prepare for his July 11th bout with McGregor:

“I have a style like Conor, I can spar like that, I can train like that,” Almeida said. 
”So, that’ll be pretty cool.”

The Brazilian also admitted in the aforementioned interview that he wanted to “slap” McGregor himself…That would have been interesting no?

UFC 189 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.