You can add Urijah Faber to the list of fighters who isn’t sold on all the Conor McGregor hype, as the former WEC champ believes he sees a big hole in the mental game of “Notorious.”

Of course, since McGregor arrived in the UFC, the brash fighter has verbally trashed nearly all of the promotion’s top featherweights. Faber has been competing at 135, but up next, he’ll battle the UFC’s #2 ranked featherweight in Frankie Edgar. So, in other words, there’s a chance Faber could lock horns with McGregor down the road.

Recently Faber appeared on “The Fighter and the Kid” podcast, and while discussing McGregor, here is some of what “The California Kid” had to say (quotes via FOX

“I wouldn’t mind fighting Conor. I’ll tell you what — he’s got something that a lot of guys don’t have. Something a guy like me doesn’t have, a guy like Chad Mendes doesn’t have, a guy like Frankie Edgar doesn’t have, and that’s the instincts and willingness to give up when he’s about to get knee barred. I wouldn’t give up. Come on … His knee was in danger of having some pain inflicted on it and he was like, ‘I’m out.'”

If his body is in danger, he gives up,” Faber added

Faber was reportedly talking about McGregor’s 2008 submission loss to Artemij Sitenkov, which the latter won via knee bar. A few fights later, McGregor was also tapped out by Joseph Duffy in the opening round.

Of course it’s worth noting that since then, the featherweight has won 13 straight bouts, and has locked up a fight with Jose Aldo on July 11th. McGregor also trashed his knee while fighting Max Holloway, and went on to score a UD victory. So, chances are McGregor’s fans won’t see eye-to-eye with Faber on this one (the latter did say “Notorious” is “very talented”).

Faber, meanwhile, is set to battle Edgar on May 16th. So if Faber defeats Edgar, and McGregor becomes champ at UFC 189, a bout between the two could materialize not too far down the line.