Georges St-Pierre hasn’t committed to fighting again, but now there are more indications that the former welterweight champ is considering a comeback…

If you recall, in February, St-Pierre said he was getting the “itch” to compete again, but the fighter noted that more extensive and effective drug testing procedures would have to be in place. The UFC certainly appears to be taking steps in that direction. More recently, GSP told Chael Sonnen that he believes he “can still be on top”, if he decides to make another run.

Well, the legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach recently sat down with AXS TV’s “Inside MMA“, who has worked with St-Pierre in the past. Thus, this why Roach was asked for his thoughts, in terms of whether the Tristar fighter will return to the Octagon. Here is what Roach had to say (quote via Bloody

“I trained him 2 days ago, before he went home. I said, ‘what do you think, are you going to fight again?’ He said ‘I’m getting the itch.'”

“I said, ‘well if you do, make sure you’re 100% healthy and everything is on point’. He said ‘the only way I’ll fight again is if you promise me you’ll be in my corner’. That’s not a problem. I do think Georges will fight one more time at least, and we will train very hard for that fight. Hard work pays, and he’s a disciplined guy.”

“It was funny. I was looking the other day at the locker room, and I said ‘who left their gloves here?’ It’s GSP’s. He’ll be back. His gloves are in my locker room.”

Now sure, none of this means that St-Pierre is going to come back to the UFC. But it’s interesting he admitted to Roach that he’s thinking about it, when there weren’t cameras and microphones in his face.

The 33 year-old hasn’t fought now since November, 2013, when he earned a tightly contested, split decision win over Johny Hendricks. The victory was GSP’s twelfth in a row…

Roach, meanwhile, is helping Manny Pacquiao prepare for his May 2nd bout with fellow boxing superstar, Floyd Mayweather.