It took three rounds, but French-Canadian Oliver Aubin-Mercier choked out David Michaud after a grueling contest.

Although Aubin-Mercier is known to go after the submission, Olivier showcased some improved stand up from his southpaw stance. Punishing left kicks to the head and body kept Michaud on his toes throughout the course of the bout. A body kick dropped Michaud in the third round, but Michaud fought through it and back to his feet. But make no mistake, Aubin-Mercier wanted the fight on the ground.

It didn’t come easy for Olivier however as Michaud did well defending takedowns and position advances throughout the first two rounds, but ultimately Aubin-Mercier saw the opening to take the back. From there, Olivier sunk in the choke and got a quick tap from Michaud.

Aubin-Mercier put a well-rounded attack on display. Despite eating a counter right and getting briefly stunned in the third round, Aubin-Mercier put together a mature performance that saw him patiently break down the hard-nosed Michaud. Ultimately, Aubin-Mercier saw the chance to finish the fight in the third and he capitalized. Can’t wait to see more of this exciting French-Canadian!

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