In the early going, Sarah Kaufman looked like she might be on her way to a 3-0 trilogy against Alexis Davis, but one mistake is all Davis needed to score the armbar victory over Kaufman.

Davis was at a significant striking disadvantage throughout the first round and first part of the second as her hands looked tighter and faster than her counterpart’s. Kaufman put together consecutive punching combinations and avoided Davis’s clinch. Sarah’s volume and tight punching marked Davis’s face up.

Davis listened to her corner very well though. Kaufman got off to a big start on the feet courtesy of her boxing, but a quick stop to Davis’s corner between rounds helped her get back into the fight. Davis started moving to her right and kept her out of Kaufman’s boxing reach.

Kaufman kept pushing forward with her punching combinations, but momentarily left herself susceptible to a quick tie up. Davis took advantage, tossed her opponent to the mat, and moved immediately into mount. While Kaufman did well to create space, she left her arm and head open to a triangle. Kaufman, on top, slowly worked her way out of the triangle, but Davis transitioned to the armbar. Davis went belly down and the referee stepped in at 1:52 of the second round.

Revenge is sweet for Alexis Davis.

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