In a classic back-and-forth match up between top ten middleweights Michael Bisping and CB Dollaway, it was the Brit, Bisping, that got the job done after going three hard rounds.

Both Dollaway and Bisping brought their own stylistic approaches into this fight. Bisping took up his typical high-volume, heavy-footwork based approach courtesy of his crisp punching combinations surplussed by his kicks. CB on the other hand looked for his home-run left hook and well-timed double legs.

A big counter left hook by the American floored Bisping in the first round, catching him by surprise, but Bisping got right back into the fight with his own attack, ending with a flush head kick. CB’s left hook would pay off for him a few more times throughout the course of the bout and keep Bisping honest, but Michael’s high volume approach kept him ahead on the scorecards.

Dollaway’s takedowns were nullified as well; Bisping kept off his back and made CB pay for his takedown attempts. As the fought wore on, it was clear that Bisping’s cardio would also play into his favor as the volume deficit for CB grew and grew the deeper they went.

In the end, it was Bisping who got the job done on the scorecards. Michael had to battle through some adversity as CB’s left hook found its mark more than the Brit would have liked, but nevertheless a solid win for Bisping against a legit top-ten threat.

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