Okay. UFC 186 is under way in Montreal, Quebec, and the card will feature flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson taking on Kyoji Horiguchi. The event will also see “Rampage” Jackson make his return to the Octagon, as the former light-heavyweight champ will battle Fabio Maldonado.

Let’s move to the action shall we folks?

Fight Pass Prelim Results

Nordine Taleb def. Chris Clements via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Valerie Letourneau def. Jessica Rakoczy via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Randa Markos def. Aisling Daly via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. David Michaud

Aubin-Mercier wings a head kick but Michaud blocks it. OAM follows up with a nice right. Michaud over extends himself and gets taken down. Michaud is trying to get back to his feet and is taking shots in response. Michaud is still pushed up against the cage. OAM follows up with more punches. Michaud just can’t get off the cage. OAM moves to Michaud’s back. OAM is digging for a rear-naked-choke but Michaud is defending. The latter fires a couple of elbows back at OAM. Round ends.

Round 2: Michaud fires a right to begin the round. OAM chucks an uppercut that misses. The latter follows up with a couple of kicks. OAM changes levels but Michaud shrugs it off. OAM comes in a with a nice combo. Michaud clips OAM with a right and the latter goes down briefly. OAM grazes Michaud with a head kick. Wow. Michaud goes down after taking a body kick. OAM jumps on Michaud who has worked his way back to his feet. OAM fires a couple more kicks. Michaud tries a spinning kick which misses. OAM plants another body kick. Entertaining round ends.

Round 3: OAM wings a kick but Michaud counters with punches. In the ensuing scramble, OAM takes Michaud’s back. The Canadian is hunting for a RNC and gets it. Michaud taps. Impressive win for OAM.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier def. David Michaud via submission (rear-naked-choke) R3, 3:24

Bryan Barberena vs. Chad Laprise

Barberena fires a leg kick to begin the fight Laprise returns the favor. Laprise chucks a head kick that Barberena blocks just in time. And again. Yikes. Laprise counters nicely with a kick to the body. Barberena charges in but eats a couple of shots. Barberena lands a stiff jab. Laprise plants a hard leg kick. Laprise lands a spinning kick to the body which looks like it hurt. Wow. Laprise grazes Barberena with a head kick. The latter is getting eaten up a bit. Another spinning kick from Laprise and several follow up punches. Barberena is starting to wear it. Barberena is moving forward though. Still bringing it. Barberena charges in but Laprise counters well. High volume round ends.

Round 2: Laprise is still beating Barberena to the punch and kick. Barberena changes stance briefly. Wow. Both guys wing hard shots but noting lands. Barberena clinches and lands a knee. Barberena land a right and attempts to clinch.  Laprise plants a right. Laprise attempts a spinning kick but misses. Barberena lands a leg kick. Barberena is coming on a bit. Laprise clinches up. Round ends. Fight could be 1-1.

Round 3: Barberena fires a hard kick to the body. Laprise attempts a head kick but it’s blocked. They clinch up briefly. Laprise fires off a nice jab. Just misses with a head kick. Barberena sweeps Laprise to the mat but the latter gets back up. Laprise flurries nicely. Wow. Both guys wing some hard punches. Barberena plants a hard straight left. Laprise throws another spinning kick to the body. They clinch up. Barberan with some taunting. Crowd doesn’t approve. Barberena lands some knees in the clinch. Laprise fires another spinning kick. Laprise fires off a couple of shots. Wow. Laprise attempts a spinning back fist. Outstanding and close fight.

Chad Laprise def. Bryan Barberena via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Alexis Davis vs. Sarah Kaufman 

Davis lands a nice jab to kicks things off. They fire off punches but not much lands. Kaufman plants a right. Wow. Both bantamweights eat some shots during a violent exchange. They clinch up. Davis is looking for the takedown. Davis’s left eye has already taken some damage. Kaufman is getting the better of the exchanges. They clinch up and Kaufman pushes Davis to the cage. Davis reverses position and is working on a single. Can’t get it. Kaufman lands an elbow on the break. Kaufman lands a right right at the bell.

Round 2: Davis throws a couple of kicks to begin the round. Kaufman plants another right hand. Davis lands a kick to the body. Kaufman tags Davis with a hard left. Kaufman clinches up but gets thrown to the floor. Davis is in mount. Crazy. Davis drops back in hunt for triangle-choke. Kaufman is tossing down punches but Davis switches to armbar. Oh know. Kaufman was tapping for multiple seconds but the ref couldn’t see it. Davis was on top of her arm. Nice comeback win for Davis.

Alexis Davis def. Sarah Kaufman via submission (armbar) R2, 1:52

Patrick Cote vs. Joe Riggs 

Cote fires a kick to begin the fight. Crowd’s already singing for Cote. Big time. Riggs lands a right and then ducks under, moves to Cote’s back. Wow. Cote pulls off Rigg’s foot; winds up on top. Cote lands some shots from above. Riggs gets back to his feet. Now Cote drops down and is looking for a takedown. Cote gets it. Cote tosses in some more punches. Nice knee from Cote to the body. Riggs is back to his feet but gets taken down again. Cote passes into half guard and lands some shots. Riggs gets back up but again, Cote takes him down again. Wow. Beautiful pass from Cote. Riggs re-establishes half guard. Cote’s hunting for a Kimura. Riggs gets out. Cote passes into sidemount. The two scramble right before round ends.

Round 2: Cote is keeping busy with kicks. Cote charges in but eats a right. Riggs clinches up, fires an elbow, breaks away. Cote wings a big uppercut. Both guys fire punches to the body. Cote with another body kick. Riggs kicks Cote to the leg. Riggs pushes Cote to the cage. Cote attempts to sweep Riggs but can’t get it (ref warns latter for grabbing fence). Riggs has Cote against cage again. They break apart. Riggs misses with a left straight. Fight spills to the ground but round ends.

Round 3: Both men fire off some strikes. Not much lands. Riggs takes Cote down, briefly threatens with a choke. Now Riggs has Cote’s back. Latter reverses, winds up in Riggs’ guard and starts firing down punches. Crowd loves it. Riggs is looking for triangles and armbars but Cote’s wise to it. Cote continues to work within Riggs’ guard. Cote moves into half guard and then passes. Riggs gets to his feet. Now Riggs has Cote up against the cage. Wow. Riggs drops down and takes Cote’s back. Fight ends. Great fight.

Patrick Cote def.  Joe Riggs via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)