It wasn’t the knock down, drag out fight that many expected between ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Fabio Maldonado, but nevertheless Jackson picked up a much desired win.

In traditional boxing fashion, Rampage and Maldonado ripped each other’s bodies with vicious hooks, and snapped eachother’s heads back with uppercuts for three rounds. Fabio looked to push forward early and take away much of Rampage’s power through his patented pressure and siphoning clinch game. However, Rampage came prepared with a full-fledged muay thai attack that featured leg kicks, knees, and elbows – aspects of his game that were missing throughout much of his career.

As the fight grew on, ironically it was Rampage’s cardio that seemingly held up more so than Fabio’s. Jackson was able to get off with more volume that mixed in powerful body shots and sneaky uppercuts. But to nobody’s surprise, Fabio was able to stay upright throughout the entire bout as he took Rampage’s hardest shots and even asked for more.

In the end, Rampage took home a desired decision win for the first time in the UFC in over two years. Rampage was able to overpower Maldonado and let off with more volume, more velocity, and more variety.

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