Cain Velasquez has been ruling the heavyweight division for some time now, but when he took on Brock Lesnar back in 2010, not everyone was completely sold on the AKA fighter’s hype.

Sure, at the time, hardcore fans and purists understood that Velasquez was a ridiculously talented fighter, but he wasn’t the mainstream commodity, he is now. Taking out Lesnar in the opening round, who is still one of the biggest names to ever step foot into the Octagon, changed all that.

Velasquez did go on to get KO’d by Junior dos Santos approximately one year later yes, but since then, the decorated wrestler has defeated JDS twice.

Up next, the heavyweight champ will face interim champ Fabricio Werdum at UFC 188 on June 13th. In advance of that fight, the UFC has posted Velasquez’s memorable win over Lesnar, which you can watch below.