Diego Sanchez has had many memorable performances at middleweight, welterweight and lightweight, but now the rugged vet is planning to do the same at 145…

The TUF 1 winner and 33 year-old fighter, has yet to fight since he received widely panned, split decision nod over Ross Pearson last June. Sanchez is getting set to return to action, after breaking his collarbone,and recently he told MMA Junkie.com’s John Morgan that he’s eyeing featherweight.

“I’m going down to 145,” Sanchez said. “I think there’s some great fights down there at 145. Even right away, I’m going to be a force in the divison – right away. And I know all the 145-pounders are, ‘Oh, that’s if you make weight. If Diego can make weight.’ That’s what they’re going to be saying. But, you know what? I’m going to do it. I’m going to make weight, and I’m going down to this division.”

Interesting no? Now in the past, Sanchez has quarrelled openly with featherweight star Conor McGregor, and not surprisingly, he reportedly noted he’s still interested in facing “Notorious’. But, Sanchez also relayed that he’s extremely keen on facing another top featherweight, Ricardo Lamas.

“The ultimate fight that I would like the best is Ricardo Lamas. … He’s coming off of a knockout loss, but the guy is a come-forward fighter. He won’t try to run. This guy fights. He doesn’t run away. He’s not going to play the ‘I’m afraid of you and I’m going to run away.’ He’s going to come forward, and those are ultimately the best fights for me that showcase my skills and give the fans the best fights.”

Yup. That’s a fight that a lot of people would like to see. So, it will be interesting to see if Sanchez in fact makes the drop, and how he looks at 145. While dropping down in weight has propelled some vets into title runs, it hasn’t worked out so well for others.

As Sanchez noted, Lamas is coming off a first round, stoppage loss to Chad Mendes on April 4th. The well rounded fighter is ranked #4 in the UFC’s featherweight division.