After Daniel Cormier and Ryan Bader had a heated exchange following UFC 187, you won’t be surprised to hear that the drama between them is far from over…

If you missed it, following Cormier’s championship win over Anthony Johnson on Saturday, the light-heavyweight and Bader got into it at the post-fight presser. So much so, the two needed to be separated after Bader approached Cormier at the front. All of this stems from the fact that Bader has been arguing he deserves a title shot, and Cormier didn’t care for some of “Darth’s” comments (and vice versa).

Well, the newly crowned champ appeared on “The MMA Hour’ on Monday, and while discussing the incident, here is some of what “DC’ had to say (comments via MMA

“Ryan is learning from the Conor McGregor playbook of building a fight,” Cormier said. “What is up with Bader? I don’t mind Ryan Bader thinking he deserves a title shot. I understand. Ryan, through the process of elimination you’re pretty safe, buddy. You don’t have to come and interrupt a press conference.”

McGregor playbook huh? Bader hasn’t been throwing out verbal zingers of a “Notorious” scale, but he’s certainly been vocal about the fact he wants to fight for the belt. As Cormier noted, however, one would think Bader is next regardless of how much he campaigns. After all, he’s won four straight fights and is currently ranked #3.

Unless Jon Jones comes back much sooner than most people expect, it looks like Cormier and Bader are going to be able to squash their beef in the Octagon.

“Ryan Bader, you’re next, bud,” Cormier said. “You’re gonna get exactly what you wanted, exactly what you asked for. I hope you make a good fight of it, because if you don’t you’re gonna get embarrassed.”

There you have it. Looks like the UFC has a nice, championship fight ready to go huh? Even if Cormier and Bader are playing this up a wee bit for the fans and cameras. That said, they have been scheduled to fight before, and usually when bouts get cancelled and or postponed, feathers often get more and more ruffled.

Cormier submitted Johnson with a rear-naked-choke in the third round at UFC 187, and in doing so, laid claim to the vacant light-heavyweight title.