Gibert Melendez is preparing to battle Eddie Alvarez on June 13th, and in celebration of that fact, the UFC has posted the lightweight’s thrilling scrap with Diego Sanchez last October. If you’ve never seen that fight, stop everything you’re doing, and watch it right now…

Melendez was coming off a tightly contested, split decision loss to now former champ Benson Henderson at the time of the bout. Melendez outscored Sanchez throughout much of the UFC 166 tilt, but in round three, the latter came out and gave everything he had. It truly was a jaw dropping, ‘this is nuts’ kind of fight.

You can watch the instant classic below.

The June 13th, UFC 188 will go down at the Mexico City Arena, and will feature heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez taking on interim champ, Fabricio Werdum.