The UFC’s Leslie Smith is making headlines for a fight she recently had, but this one didn’t go down in the Octagon.

According to Smith, and a Facebook post from her coach Cesar Gracie, the bantamweight was involved in  a street fight on Saturday night, after a  male groped her friend. Smith and some friends, including UFC fighter Heather Clark, were apparently heading into a San Francisco night club when a male grabbed one of the women’s butt. In a follow up report with MMA, Smith relayed the following:

“I followed him and I was like, ‘Hey, you can’t do that,'” Smith said. “And he was like, ‘I can do whatever I want.’ And I was like, ‘No, you can’t.’ Then he turned around and spit on me and threw a big right hand.”

The 32 year-old fighter says the male grabbed her hair, so she proceeded to take him down, and from there, she pummelled the man with elbows. According to Smith, at that point, the male apologized. The Facebook account also says that Clark kicked the male during the fight.

Smith also added this in the story with MMA Fighting:

“At first I was super embarrassed, like, Oh jeez, I’m fighting with people,” Smith said. “That’s totally against my style. I believe in the non-initiation of violence. I don’t think that going out and fighting people is the best way to do it. I think violence like fire needs to be controlled and it’s a part of us. It’s an essential part of our lives and that’s why we need to keep such a close rein on it while making sure to give it an outlet.”

Smith hasn’t fought (professionally…) since last November, when she was stopped by Jessica Eye (doctor’s stoppage due to a cut). Prior to that “The Peacemaker”” (yes–that’s her nickname) TKO’d Jessamyn Duke.

The California fighter and Invicta FC vet has gone 1-2 in the thus far.