If you thought all the backlash regarding the UFC’s decision to fire Jacob “Stitch” Duran was pretty much over, guess again…

Yes, as you almost certainly know by now, earlier this week the legendary cutman announced the UFC had canned him, after he criticized the promotion’s new uniform deal with Reebok. Duran’s comments weren’t exactly inflammatory, instead, he relayed that cutmen had taken a big financial hit, since they weren’t included in the deal. The deal prevents them from wearing additional sponsors.

Since the move was announced, a lot of fans have voiced their displeasure, and some key figures in the MMA industry have done the same. Well, recently, Wanderlei Silva had this to say about the firing of Duran on Facebook (translation via MMA Junkie.com):

“They fired him,” Silva said. “That’s right. They fired ‘Stitch’ for standing against this theft being perpetrated on the athletes. So I wonder, ‘why don’t they fire me?’ I already said I do not want to, nor will I work any more for to this promotion. And they won’t dismiss me. That’s what happens to those who speak the truth in this company; they’re driven out. They have no respect for anyone. I’ve made it very clear to you all that I will never again fight for this promotion, the U.F. Circus. Fixed fights – and I can prove it! I haven’t yet dropped the bomb. I haven’t said everything I know!”

Now sure, a lot of folks will scoff at Silva’s comments regarding the fixing fight accusation, as the former PRIDE champ isn’t exactly on a good terms with the UFC. In addition, since a billion dollar business would be flushed if it was proven it fixed fights, one would think the UFC would never consider such a move.

Those comments aside, this is more bad press for the UFC regarding the firing of Duran.

UFC on FOX 16 will go down this Saturday in Chicago.