Alrighty, we are one day away from UFC 190, and as a result, another “Embedded” episode for the card has gone up.

In “Episode Four”, the cameras follow the fighters as they make their final preparations for the event, which included the open workouts and media day. Although Ronda Rousey has arrived in Brazil to face that nation’s Bethe Correia, the bantamweight champ received quite the warm welcome at the workouts. As in, people screaming her name, begging her to take photos with her…

The episode also features the ridiculously intense face off that Rousey and Correia had at yesterday’s media day. But, in this case, the cameras are right there in the mix, and capture Correia’s promise to deliver the champ a “hell of a beatdown”. You can watch the episode below.

UFC 190 will be hosted by the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.