Following this weekend’s reported brawl at WSOF 22, featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov and the Diaz brothers, the promotion’s vice president is calling on the UFC to book a grudge match…

If you missed it, as Saturday also featured UFC 190, Nurmagomedov and both Nick and Nate Diaz reportedly got into it at the Las Vegas event.

Well, after the event, here is some of what WSOF VPAli Abdelaziz  had to say about the incident (quote via MMA

“It was 12 Russian guys. And I told them to sit down and they all listened to me. There was only three of them (in the Diaz camp). If I let them loose someone could have been injured, someone could have been hurt. I’m disappointed and these guys, you know, they’re professional fighters. They’re professional athletes and they shouldn’t be fighting outside of the cage. A lot of kids look up to them. A lot of young people look up to them. Every time you turn around it seems like Nick and Nate are arguing with somebody. I know Khabib very good, I’m very close to him. I really like Nate. And I don’t want to see two guys fighting. At the end of the day they’re men and I don’t know how the UFC is going to feel about it. But let these guys fight. Book them and let them fight.”

Now, sure, would any of these fights sell tickets? Of course. Will the UFC go in that direction? Probably not. After all, Nurmagomedov is ranked #3 at 155, and he’s knocking on the door for a title shot. So, a bout with the #14 ranked Nate Diaz wouldn’t really make sense. The latter hasn’t fought since last December, when he was decisively decisioned by Rafael dos Anjos.

Nick Diaz, on the other hand, is currently suspended by the Nevada Commission, and he just fought at 185 in January. Diaz tested positive for marijuana following his loss to Anderson Silva in January, and has been temporarily suspended.

It will be interesting to see what happens, however, and whether Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz cross paths down the line.